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FaceLift Dentures™ 

Are you tired of looking older just because you have dentures?

Everyone with dentures looks older due to the changes that occur when teeth are lost. When the teeth are lost, the upper jaw shrinks up and back while the lower jaw bone shrinks down.  These changes affect the way your dentures fit.  The dentures settle down into the jawbone, and the teeth sink back into your face.  Your chin is too close to your nose, and you lips disappear: giving you that “Denture Look.” 

New dentures may not help.

When new dentures are fabricated, the teeth are set close to the shrunken jawbone, and your bite remains the same – the over-closed Denture Look is retained.

Are you tired of that “Denture Look?”

As we age and our teeth wear, a funny thing happens.  Our jaw muscles have to close further or shorten just so we can get our teeth together.  Uneven wear causes some muscles to compensate more than others.   In dentures, the teeth wear and the jawbone wears away as well.  This magnifies the “Denture Look.”

Strickland FaceLift Dentures™ are fabricated using neuromuscular principles. 

Strickland FaceLift Dentures™ restore the lower third of your face to the proportions of ten, twenty, or more years ago.  Strickland FaceLift Dentures™ utilize the concepts of neuromuscular dentistry which restores muscles to their natural resting lengthsRelaxed muscles allow the jaws to function in their most normal position.

The combination of relaxed muscles and normalized jaw position provides the most stable dentures possible while also providing the best cosmetic result at the same time. Imagine getting a good-looking, well-fitting, new denture with a Face Lift as a bonus!

Many patients have said they feel that Strickland FaceLift Dentures™ have turned back the Hands of Time - we will let you look at the pictures and decide for yourself.  
Disclaimer: The Strickland Facelift Dentures™ services are in no way related to Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment.

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